Help us give $500 in grocery money to active duty Coast Guard families this weekend image

Help us give $500 in grocery money to active duty Coast Guard families this weekend

We don't leave brothers or sisters behind

$475 raised

$50,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

The government left the coast guard out of the funding. They are the only military branch that is left out. Why because they moved them under Dept of Homeland Security after 911 so they could board ships and such without the DOD and Military rules.

Throughout this shutdown it was brought forward they got caught in the middle, this is the first time a military branch has not been covered during a shutdown. Today a single purpose bill was proposed in the senate to do nothing more than pay the Coast guard but Senator Schumer refused to let any democrat vote. The President was ready to sign and they could have had this done a few days ago but certainly today and they would have been paid tomorrow.

Watch this video of the senate floor and see for yourself. Watch on C-Span

Well, we are not the senate, we convened a special meeting of our board and we voted quickly, and now we are raising money to help them.

We will start with families that have not been able to receive help any other way.

Not all of them can apply for loans and such, don't forget our military doesn't make much over welfare to begin with at the lower levels and many are still young. How financially smart were you when you were 22? But they still have children to feed, many of the mothers are alone while their husbands are away. We know because one of our board members has a daughter married to a Coast Guard warrior right now and they are experiencing this first hand.

Also they are different from the rest of the federal workers, they are truly being held hostage.

  • The other federal workers can file for Unemployment
  • The other federal workers can sue the government for unfair work conditions
  • The other federal workers have Unions who can step in and fight for them
  • The other federal workers are not forced to work, and have to abide by the UCMJ, which still states you can be shot by a firing squad if you walk off the job
  • The other federal workers can apply for second jobs, something our shipmates deployed right now cant do
  • The other federal workers do not have near as many rules about ethics as the members of the Armed Forces.

Did you hear that? ARMED FORCED! The Coast Guard is an armed force just like the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marines...yet they are getting paid for their mission...and we are NOT!

We will begin with $500 per family so we want to raise $50,000 and help 100 families as fast as we can.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donation is tax deductible and we are giving 100% directly to them nothing stays with us!

We are Vets helping Vets normally but this weekend we need to help our younger generation that's still active. If you all give more we will help more. If we triple $50K we will give it all away until its gone or we have helped every Coast Guard member that is serving today!